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"Surviving Young Mel"   - Project ID # 1623337
Project Type   Commercials Submission Type   SRN
Location   Baltimore, MD Union   Non-union
Rate/Pay   n/a Release Date   04-18-21
Audition Date   Submission Deadline   05-01-21
Shoot Date      
Casting Category   1
Market(s)   Washington, DC>Baltimore, MD

This is a non-union Social Media

Audition Date, Time, and Location: None. Clients will be making casting decisions based on photos and videos. Please include the following in your submissions:

Your most current headshot (even if you think we have it, please send it)

A current (within the last month) close up or medium photo (either chest up or waist up) – selfie would be perfect. This photo should reflect your current hair style/color.

A current (within the last month) full body photo (head to toe). This photo should reflect your current hair style/color.

You may send additional photos for consideration, but please send at minimum the 3 requested/required. Snapshots should NOT be professionally taken photos and should not be overly edited – NO FILTERS, PLEASE. A photo taken with a cell phone or simple digital camera is perfect.

All photos MUST be in .jpg format under 300 MB. Please make sure all snapshots are clean photos of just you – no couple photos, no group photos. You may send us a cropped photo if it's decent quality. Please keep in mind this is for CLIENT REVIEW, so send accordingly. Please ATTACH all photos - no links, please!

A video of yourself reading one of the attached scripts. Please make sure you label your submission with your first and last name

We can accept mov, mp4, avi, dv, m4v, wmv formats only.

All videos must be UNDER 300 MB (preferably less – the video does not have to be professional/high quality). Please either attach your video to an email, or if the file size is large, send it via, dropbox, or a similar program/website. DO NOT upload to youtube, vimeo, or other video sharing sites. We need you to send us the actual video file.

Also, if you are recording off of your smartphone or tablet/ipad, please make sure you hold your device horizontally. Please do NOT change the orientation of the device (ie. Vertical to horizontal) as it will play the video sideways.




Script/Sides: attached

**Please note. No actors are allowed to post their audition or actual footage from a booking without prior permission of the Producers, to include Youtube or any other distribution.**

Wardrobe: appropriate to role; casual

Shoot Date: The shoot will take place On Fridays and weekends through the month of May and June

In your reply, please specify which days you are NOT available and consider yourself on first refusal for all days you are available.

Role # 1 - Mel Submit yourself for this role
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Homeless for short time sleeping on couches no job not even a drivers license

Refuses to make short income

Audition Line:


How many times must I go through this? (anger)Nobody understands exactly what I must do to survive out here in the hood. I'm 21, people acting like they can help me. Half these, niggas can't even help themselves ..entire hood is fucked up! I applied for three jobs . So far, and not one has called me back . What kind of bullshit system is this we living in?!! Nigga, can't get a damn break! If I was white with a suit on. Maybe my chances would be better . James Brown, was right alright. This is a man's world! He left out white man's world!

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 20 to 23
Ethnicity: African American -

Role # 2 - Rob Submit yourself for this role
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
He's apart of a drug trafficking and sex trafficking scheme aka mobster wannabe willing to snake his own cousin for an empire

Audition Line:


Yo, Mel man . I'm sorry! On My momma we are like family. I love you like my son. when your father wasn't around . who you think wiped your ass fool! Look man, I won't say too much. When you're ready to make some real money with the big boys, let me know. It sounds like your pockets are hurting.

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 27 to 36
Ethnicity: African American -

Role # 3 - Kiesha Submit yourself for this role
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Pot head. professional worker, aka dancer, putting her way through college to be a doctor. Mel's second mom who is there for Mel

Audition Line:


See, that's you young negros issues now. Always expecting someone to hand you out a job, and Pussy for FREE!! Don't you want a family of your own one day. I'm trying to teach you responsibility. Plus, Keith don't want you here (sips drink fast) ( after line)

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 24 to 29
Ethnicity: African American -

Role # 4 - Dad Submit yourself for this role
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Male addict drunk and incarcerated

Audition Line:

Kathy, mind you damn Business!! I've been taking care of you and this household for the last damn 12 years .

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 37 to 46
Ethnicity: African American -

Role # 5 - Mom Submit yourself for this role
Seeking 1 talent(s) for this role
Currently , addicted to opiates.herself is suffering from depression. Which caused her to have a mental breakdown and had to leave Mel to help himself.

Audition Line

Edward, I'm only going to tell you one damn time. …(Stern tone )to give me my mother's necklace back.

Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 37 to 49
Ethnicity: African American -